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This is the knowledge base containing the most common problems and questions users have. Click on the item that interests you and the answer will be displayed under it. Please check if you see your answer before contacting support, it will be easier and quicker for all.

Account Issues

  • Do I have a KSP Store Account if I pre-ordered back on the Forum's store?

  • I purchased without making an account and I can't login to KSP Store.

  • When I try to login, it says "There is no account associated with this e-mail address".

  • I don't remember my password and I can't login to KSP Store.

  • I've used the password recovery feature to reset my password, but I didn't get any recovery email.

  • I currently have a weird auto-generated password, but my own. How do I change it?

  • I used the password reset, but the password you sent me doesn't work. What's the problem?

  • Can I install the game on more than one computer?

  • I bought the game on the KSP Store, but I want it on Steam. Will you give me a Steam Key?

  • I bought the game on Steam, but I want it on the KSP Store as well. Would you activate my account for download?

  • Is KSP available on game consoles?

Purchase Issues

  • Why do I get this error when I try to pay through Paypal? "This invoice has already been paid".

  • The store says that I don't need a Paypal account and that I can pay with a Credit Card. How can I do this?

  • I never received the confirmation email after I purchased the game.

  • I want a refund, what should I do?

  • I bought a Gift Code and I gave it to a friend. How do we redeem it?

  • I tried to redeem my Gift Code in the KSP Gift Code page, but I don't understand what to do.

  • I paid for a Gift Code, but never received it. What do I do?

  • If I buy the game now, willl I have to buy it again for the next update?

  • I saw the post stating that players who purchased the game before May 2013 will get expansions for Free. Does this apply to Steam purchases as well?

Download and Installation Issues

  • How do I get the game if I've already purchased it?

  • How do I update the game to the most recent version?

  • The download link is not shown in my Products Purchased list and I've already completed the transaction.

  • When I try to download, I get an "Invalid Token" error.

  • I try to open the game on Mac and the following message comes up: "KSP can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"

  • My game crashed, what do I do so it won't crash anymore?

  • When I try to run the game for Windows, it says I need to instal .Net. What do I do?

  • My game for Mac keeps crashing on startup. It keeps saying something about restoring windows. Reinstalling the game didn't help.

  • The game for Windows doesn't run. It says "There should be a KSP_Data folder next to the executable". What do I do?

  • The game for Mac just bounces on the dock, but never actually opens. What now?

  • I have macOS Sierra and the launcher only has the Update button lit. If I manually start KSP it gets to the loading screen but never finishes.

  • I want to install a Mod, but I don't have the Plugins folder. What should I do?

Gameplay Issues

  • The game gets to a screen with a slideshow, a loading bar and some clever game tips, but it's stuck there, the loading bar doesn't move. What can I do?

  • I installed mods on a previous version and upon update the game is acting weird, why is this?

  • I have a ship in the Launchpad, I throttle up and fire the engine. I can even hear it, but the ship won't lift off. What to do?

  • When I start the game, I get a strange error that says "GetThreadContext Failed" and the game crashes.

  • Will Kerbal Space Program be released in other languages?

Kerbalizer Issues

  • Where do I download Kerbalizer?

  • I already installed the Unity Web Player, but it keeps telling me to install it. What do I do?


  • I uploaded a gameplay video to Youtube. Is it okay for me to monetize it?

  • I want to use KSP for a school, museum or another educational related project. May I?

  • I cannot access the Forums/Spaceport or the KSP website. What should I do?

  • When is the next release coming?



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