This is the knowledge base containing the most common problems and questions users have.
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  • Account Issues

  • I purchased without making an account and I can’t login to KSP Store.

    After you checkout from KSP Store, the system will automatically create a KSP Store Account with the email address and password you type in the Checkout Form. You should be able to log in using those details and the instructions here. If you do not receive a confirmation email, due to your email provider blocking it, don’t worry, you can still log in and download the game.

  • When I try to login, it says “There is no account associated with this e-mail address”.

    Maybe you mistyped your email address when you create your account or filled out the Checkout Form of KSP Store. Send an email to KSP Support explaining your problem, your KSP Store Account email address and your Invoice ID. Note that the Invoice ID is NOT the Transaction ID and NOT the Receipt ID.

  • I’ve used the password recovery feature to reset my password, but I didn’t get any recovery email.

    Well, first of all be sure to check your spam folder. We also have realized that some email providers (Verizon,,, Comcast, etc.) have blocked our domain ( and IP Address due to their strict incoming email rules. They added us to their spam lists, so you won’t receive any email from us. Send an email to KSP Support explaining your problem. They will reset manually your password and ask you to change your KSP Store Account email address. If you are using an account from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or something similar, you might want to check your spam folder before asking for help, password-recovery emails usually end up in the spam folder.

  • I currently have a weird auto-generated password, but my own. How do I change it?

    Log in with your current password and click the My Account button, go to the bottom of your profile and click the Edit Profile button. There you can edit most of your account information, including the password.

  • I used the password reset, but the password you sent me doesn’t work. What’s the problem?

    90% of the times, this is because when you copy-paste the password off the email message you copy blank spaces too, the log in system evaluates the full string, including blank spaces, so if there are blank spaces, the password you used is different to the one in the database, and thus fails to log you in. Make sure you don’t get blank spaces.

  • Can I install the game on more than one computer?

    Certainly, you can download and play the game on all of your personal computers with the same license. Even if some are Windows and some are mac computers.

  • I bought the game on the KSP Store, but I want it on Steam. Will you give me a Steam Key?

    In general no. The option to transfer KSP Store licenses to Steam is only available for those who bought KSP before it originally came out on Steam, March 20th 2013. Note that if you do qualify for a transfer and choose to do it, the process is OPTIONAL and IRREVERSIBLE. If you transfer your purchase to Steam, you will no longer be able to download or update the game from the KSP Store. To move to Steam, log in to your KSP Store profile and you will find the button to start the process next to your download link. If you can’t see the button in your profile it means you purchased the game after it was on Steam and you are not eligible, no exceptions, please don’t insist.

  • I bought the game on Steam, but I want it on the KSP Store as well. Would you activate my account for download?

    No, sorry, the migration will not work that way. If you bought the game on Steam, you will only have it on Steam. To get it in the KSP Store too, you will have to purchase it here. Do keep in mind that the Steam version is DRM free, so it can be played offline as well, so you’re really not missing out on anything with the Steam version instead of the KSP Store one.

  • Miscellaneous

  • I uploaded a gameplay video to Youtube. Is it okay for me to monetize it?

    Yes, by all means. If you are having many views and want to seize the opportunity, go ahead. We just ask to be given credit, a mention and a link to our website is enough. You must also make it perfectly clear that we are the copyright holders of KSP.

  • I want to use KSP for a school, museum or another educational related project. May I?

    Yes, Kerbal Space Program encourages ‘Space Education’. We partnered with TeacherGaming and created ‘KerbaEdu’ for schools, so you can visit their website to contact them and know more about this.

  • I cannot access the Forums/Spaceport or the KSP website. What should I do?

    Send an email to KSP Support explaining the situation and don’t forget to tell them your IP address, if you don’t know it you can get it from here.

  • When is the next release coming?

    Short answer: When it’s ready. This also applies to the console releases. Long answer: It is very hard to estimate a release date for any software product because unexpected things happen all the time, that’s why we don’t give release dates, not even estimates. We used to do it before but we could hardly ever release on the promised date, which caused people to get upset, and since we don’t want to disappoint you, but above all we don’t want to rush a release of a potentially buggy and untested product, we’ll keep the timeline to ourselves and release the game updates when we feel they are presentable to public.