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In KSP you must build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or doesn't). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science!

The game has different game modes, you can play the Career Mode if you want to expand and manage your own Space Center, taking on missions and researching new technologies. Or you can play Sandbox mode if you're only interested in flying and discovering the Kerbal universe without restrictions. There is even a mid-point between these two, Science mode.

Main Features:

  • The Vehicle Assembly Building and the Space Plane Hangar allows players to build spacecraft out of any imaginable combination of parts.
  • Fully-fledged, Physics-based Flight Simulation ensures everything will fly (and crash) as it should.
  • Take your Kerbal crew out of the ship and do Extra Vehicular Activities.
  • Fly out to Moons and other Planets.
  • Procedural Terrain delivers detailed terrain at a vast scale. The Kerbal Planet is 600km in radius!
  • Mod-enabled, allows players to create new content and modify the game.
  • Ship systems. Keep an eye out for engine temperatures and fuel levels, and try not to explode.
  • Build ships with multiple stages, and jettison parts away as they burn out.
  • Full control over the staging sequence allows for complex ships and advanced functionality.
  • Dock spacecraft together to build Space Stations, Massive Starships, or even surface bases on other worlds.
  • Manage your crewmembers, hire them, and send them out into space and make them into heroes.
  • Research and Develop new technologies to advance your Space Program.
  • Take on Missions to attract interest in your Space Program.
  • Discover new worlds and expand the scientific knowledge of Kerbalkind.
  • And a whole lot more!

The demo version is free to download and play, and will remain so forever.

Have Fun!

-- The KSP Team

KSP is being developed by Squad

Ezequiel Ayarza

Adrian Goya

Felipe Falanghe

Alejandro Mora

Mike Geelan

Marco Salcedo

Daniel Rosas

Jim Benjaminsen

Miguel Piña

Jesus Montaño

Ted Everett

Rogelio Domínguez

Kasper Nahuis

Juan Carlos Demeneghi - Additional Art

Iván Vázquez - Additional Art

Jacobo Rosas - Content Designer

Mario Maqueo - Programming

Jeff C. (NovaSilisko) - Content Designer

Anthony Keeton - Community Manager

James Kupperian - Community Manager

Chaz Chiarello - Media Director

Artyom Zuev - Content Designer

Rob Nelson - Game & Server Developer

Claira Safi - Content Designer

Chad Jenkins - Technical Artist

Hugo Gutiérrez - Content Designer

Eduardo Reyes - Project Manager

Robert Holtzman - Public Relations

Anthony Guzzardo - Community Manager